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Residential Apartment Building

About Cyrabry Security

Cyrabry Security is owned by a detail-oriented investigator with strong professional background in organizational management, deemed an expert witness in financial fraud supported by extensive field research and real world work experience in criminal investigations. Along with 27 years of law enforcement experience and 17 years of criminal investigations. Also a licensed private investigator in New York State. 


Experience includes robbery investigations, missing persons, custodial interference, financial fraud, credit card, and check fraud. Versed in civil investigations. 

Professional training includes: FBI surveillance training, NYPD homicide investigator training, auto-crime, criminal investigators course, crime prevention, court testimony and evidence collection, and trained in cyber crime detection.

Corporate Building

What we do

  • Event Security

  • Logistic Escort

  • Freight protection and Theft Deterrent 

  • Criminal and Civil Investigations

  • Surveillance and Counter Surveillance

  • Dignitary Protection

  • Secure and preserve witness statements 

  • Courtroom Testimony 

  • Due Diligence

  • Background Checks

Join our Team

Interested in joining the Cyrabry Security team? Contact us today.

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